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When we talk about iPhone users, we can find a lot of people that are using motion graphics apps to create their videos. Alight Motion iOS has given all of the options under one platform. As Apple mobile phones are very famous for their camera results, but they don’t have a graphic effects option. To create graphics and animation, we suggest this Apk to every Apple user.

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What’s new in the i-Phone Version?

Alight Motion offers a special option that is only for iOS users. You can make videos directly through Alight Motion iOS Apk and the overall quality of the video will be amazing as compared to the original camera.

Create New Folders

This Apk version gives you the option to create and save files in different folders. Like, if you want to save your video, images, or MP3 files separately, you can do it easily with just one click.

Alight Motion Pro iOS

Pro features are paid features. Because of their monthly or yearly subscription, not everyone can access them. To solve this problem, we present the pro-Apk version of Alight Motion for iOS. Start making videos now that you have easy access to them.

Advanced Visual Effects

Simple effects will make your video dull and boring. But, having numberless effects will allow for creativity and editing. With this advanced option in the iPhone version, you can impress your friends by showing off your video editing skills. As this version does not require any charges, you can also recommend this version to your friends that are using an iPhone.

Pro Stickers

Stickers help you create animation on one layer. You can add them in photos as well as in videos. But not every sticker can be used for every kind of video. We always need a vast collection so we can add stickers accordingly. The Pro iOS version presents pro stickers, and most interestingly, you can change their colors as well.

Alight Motion Mod Apk


A Collection of Fonts

Fonts are usually used for writing texts. Editors like to have a good collection of fonts. Sometimes you add Arial and sometimes Calibri fonts in pictures. I-Phone users cannot rely on just a limited font collection. To have access to every type of font, you can download Alight Motion iOS.

Another interesting fact is that you can also import any font file. Because every language has its own writing style.

How to download?

Steps to Download Alight Motion Pro Apk For iPhone are given below:

  • Click on the download button.
  • Install App
  • Edit, post, and enjoy.


Question: Can we change the resolution in Alight Motion iOS?

Answer: Yes, you can alter the pixels or resolution quality at the end of the editing. Right before saving the file, you will be given an option where resolution will be mentioned as well. Just put in your desired amount of resolution and click on save. The file will automatically be saved in your desired way.

Question: Does Alight Motion give you a video trimming option?

Answer: Alight Motion iOS has a separate option to trim or cut any video. You just need to select and cut the unwanted part. You can also undo this action if you mistakenly cut any important part.


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