Free Alight Motion PC – Pro Apk and Unlocked Features

If you want to edit your videos on a computer, Alight Motion PC is the best choice. You will get numberless options, starting from color changing to graphical effects. It has a paid version, but there is no need to worry because we are bringing you the free apk file to remove all of your worries.

Why is video editing so popular? The answer is that, with time, everyone tries to look smart. People like it when they see themselves on social media. People adore that kind of content, which must has high-quality graphics and motions. To fulfill this requirement, many developers have created many apps for video editing. But Alight Motion PC is at the top.


Alight Motion for PC


Alight Motion mod apk is the only Motion App that allows you to create and edit your graphics in your own way. Every designer has their own editing choices, so making a work boundary will never the right option. You can choose any option according to your need through Alight Motion. You can make graphics and post them on your professional website.

These days, every user is busy making videos on TikTok. Alight Motion also helps you create TikTok (short-term) videos. Through this app, video editors come closer together. Alight Motion is used not only to edit pictures and videos but also to create videos. No other app in the play store can match the camera options that Alight Motion offers.



All motion editing apps compete with each other. Every app has its properties. But Alight Motion is standing above all of them just because of its flexible features.

Every feature has its specifics role in editing. We have discussed below some of the features and their functions.

Alight Motion Apk Without watermark

  • A combination of graphic, audio, and video layers.

Being a video editor means you always need to edit your files in multiple layers. If you edit your videos one by one, it will take a lot of effort and time. To resolve this problem, Alight Motion has given you multiple layer options. You can edit graphics, add text, add music, and add any other file at the same time using Alight Motion for PC.

  • Keyframe animation is available in both free and paid versions.

Animation is one such option available both for free and paid version. But in the paid version, you can have access to high-rated stickers that you can use in your animation. Our Apk version will give you access to those high-rated stickers for free.

  • Color combinations of a single color.

You will have multiple shades of a single color, for example, if you want to use a blue background or write text in blue. Alight Motion gives a lot of shades related to the blue color, like dark blue, navy blue, light blue, tin blue, pale blue, and so on.

  • Color combinations of gradient colors.

The gradient feature will allow you to mix 2 or 3 colors simultaneously. It will make your simple-looking video into a vibrant video because of the gradient effect. You can also change the intensity of the color according to your need.

  • Export files from your PC.

Alight Motion PC Window 7 is just magic. You can export files from your PC. You can easily add any additional file in text, sound, or video format.

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