Alight Motion Preset 2022- Special Version

Alight Motion has different premium versions, and Alight Motion Preset is one of them. The preset version is considered the professional version and has only premium features. Yes, it’s true, other Apk versions also have the same extra-ordinary options, but when it comes to the preset version, it’s something special.

Special Features

In order to make Alight Motion animations more beautiful, effects are key elements. With Apk Preset Alight Motion, we’ve redesigned the Effect Browser to make it easier than ever to find effects. Apply all settings according to your needs and customise the effect that you want.

Alight Motion is here to meet your needs. Whether you have never used it before or not, it benefits every beginner and professional editor.You can access any effect. You just need to select the effects options, select colors, intensity, and apply them wherever you want to.

Some exclusive features are given below:Alight Motion Preset

  • Effects

Ad effects on videos (bubble effect, snow effect, and much more)

  • Animation

Use pre-made animated clips to give a professional look to your video.

  • Sound

Use the sounds that are offered by the Alight Motion Preset or choose your own.

  • Text

Add text to videos and pictures using random fonts and colors.

  • Contrast

Enhance the level of contrast in any chosen area.

  • Brightness

You can change the brightness of the overall picture or video, or you can select your desired area as well.

  • Crop

Crop unwanted parts without altering the overall resolution.

  • Trim

Trim any long-term videos and make them short.

  • Cut

Delete the useless sections completely.

  • Add additional files

Put any extra files and edit them in multiple layers.

  • Stickers

Use premium stickers without copyrights.

  • No watermark

No more watermarks. Or if you want to create your own watermark in the Alight Motion Preset, you can create it and also save it for other files.

  • Border

pre-made border layout that can be modified in size, color, and design.

  • Combine the two videos.

Sometimes single file (video) editing isn’t enough to make your motion graphics exciting.You need to link the Preset Alight Motion Mod Apk with your gallery so you can import other video files to edit two videos at the same time.

  • Create videos from pictures.

Use two or more images to create a static video.

Note: To get all of the above features, we first have to Download Alight Motion Preset on our mobile phones. As these are premium options, we ought to have Preset Alight Mot

Yes, it is very easy. To download, click our download button.

If you face any kind of problem or if your Alight Motion stops working, restart your mobile and start editing again. But if it’s still causing problems, then uninstall the app and download the updated version from our website.

Yes, it is very important for every video editor to have updated versions of Alight Motion Mod Apk because every update has new features that will make your editing easier.

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