Alight Motion Pro Apk 4.3.0 – Free Pro/Mod Version Download

Living in the 21st century is all about glamour and fame. Everyone tries to be in the spotlight. Because of this fame game, everyone is learning new ways to click pictures and record videos. But the race does not end here. We also need high-end software that can assist us in making our normal-looking videos into extraordinary ones. To cope with this problem, we are providing you with the Alight Motion Pro Apk. This apk will let you edit your videos with professional graphics and amazing features.

Alight Motion Pro Apk

Alight Motion enables you to create professional motion graphics and videos, so any of you who are interested in creating videos and animations will have no trouble creating your desired film using this application. In this app, users will find a superb set of editing tools that will allow them to make wonderful edits to their videos and photos. You can even create animations and motion graphics using awesome features. Create sound and audio pieces that will blow the minds of your viewers.

Video editors from all around the world are coming closer because of the Alight Motion Pro App. Every nob and pro user is willing to give Alight Motion Pro a try. You can not only edit your pictures and videos, but you can also make videos through it. The camera options that Alight Motion provides you are unmatchable with any other app in the whole play store.

What’s new in Alight Motion Pro Apk?

You can download Alight Motion for free and use the premium features without any watermarks or advertisements. This version was developed by an unknown developer because many of the users could not afford the paid version. So that developer managed to create the pro version. With the help of Alight Motion Pro Free, you can unlock all the main-stream options without paying a single penny.

All of these facilities make this version an updated form of this app. We have each and every update related to this apk. You do not need to submit any money. You just need to scroll down our page and find the download button and enjoy.


If we notice, we have great competition among all motion editing apps. Every app has its own pros and cons. Some apps are free, but many of them require money to explore every feature. When it comes to Alight Motion Pro Apk 2022, you can enjoy every editing option on just one platform. There is a huge list of features provided by Alight Motion.

Micro Crop

Every creator wants to cut out the parts that look bad in any video or picture. Our internet is filled with software that can do it for you, but the problem is that you will have to compromise on the quality. Everyone admits that cropping video through any other cheap app will automatically lower the graphic quality.

But with the help of Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk, you can cut the unwanted parts without compromising the quality of the graphics.

If you scroll down on this app, you will see the adjustment option. Click that option and go to the Micro Crop option. Select the area that you don’t want to need. It will vanish and never come again.

Effects on Vides

Alight Motion also includes an advanced and flexible animation system with multiple visual effects that you can choose from a specific column in Alight Motion Apk Pro. These visual effects include a limited but fantastic range of effects that will make your video fantastic. You can add:

snow effect

Add bright and real-looking snowfall to your videos.

Heat effect

The heat effect will give your video a vintage look.

Bubbles effect

This effect is very popular among children, because you will see colourful bubbles.

Mouse filter effect.

Change your nose and ears through this filter effect in Alight Motion Pro Apk.

Dark night effect

Some editors like to create serious and mature visuals, especially if they are shooting under intense sunlight. This option is designed specifically for them.

“Bright Day” effect

Make your night-make videos look brighter.

Rain effect

Artificial rain effect with different types of rain.

Blur effect

Blur the parts of the video that you do not like.

Mosaic effect

Make your graphics a little brighter by making some parts of the photo or video a little mosaic with the help of the Alight Motion Pro App.

Import Files

Alight Motion users will now be able to import their editing materials from the internal storage and online library, making the editing process more intuitive and accessible. With the help of this option, you can import MP3 files to add extra music as a background to your videos. You can also import external images from your gallery to specify anything you want.

Font Styles

Because of this unlocked pro version, you can have access to more than 100 fonts. You can add text to your video with a huge selection of fonts. Moreover, you can also customise the size and colour of fonts. You can also export your desired font style file because every language has its own style of writing. So you can write in the style you want to by adding extra files.

No watermark

Watermarking is a source of great anxiety for every video creator. Everyone tries to post their created videos either with their own name or without any other company’s watermark. So we have solved this problem by giving you the Alight Motion Pro Apk No Watermark.

This version will not disturb you at any point. Save any file without the watermark. According to us, you should create your own signature watermark that you can add to extra files in it. It will make your videos too professional, so no other editor can use your videos on their platforms.

Multiple Layers

Alight Motion provides the ultimate tool for using this app effectively and intuitively if you are going into the world of video editing and animation. There are layers of graphics, videos, and audio in the layered settings that you can choose from the settings. The layers offer a convenient way to view the entire board and change any elements in the video. The layers can easily be segmented and edited if they’re grouped together correctly. It means that you will be able to do multiple edits. This feature in Alight Motion Pro will make you a pro editor.

Setting New Colors

Bring new and exciting colours to your video. Set the level of intensity according to your needs and make a whole new graphic by yourself. This app does not only help you to edit, but it actually makes you a creative editor because there are a lot of things that you can do by yourself. You just need to be creative to utilise all the tools to their maximum.

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How do I get Alight Motion Pro Apk?

It is very easy to download it on your mobile phone. No literacy is required for this work. Just a little availability of the internet and a small space on your phone.

Steps are given below.

  • Visit our website’s download page.
  • Go to Alight Motion.
  • Click on the download button.
  • Wait for the file to be downloaded.
  • Let your phone’s settings welcome other or third party apps.
  • Install the app.

Users are able to create new projects and showcase their work on Alight Motion. In addition to the photos and videos on your device, you can import them into the new project.

Just by opening the app, you’ll notice the option to “add media.” If you click on that option, you will be able to add multiple media files.

Yes, it is very easy to use and understand this app. If you only use it once, you will learn the most important features of this app.

Not a single issue in this apk version. Some scammers will scam you by giving you some random files in the name of an apk, but we are giving the best Alight Motion Pro Apk version.


The free version of Alight Motion includes all of the basic features, but will have a software copyright mark on the video or photograph it produces. A pro version of the application from our developer will let you remove the copyright mark as well as unlock more advanced features. It is easy to download and easy to use. So, don’t be too concerned, and simply enjoy the premium features of Alight Motion Pro Apk Download. You can also recommend our website on any of your friends. We are not charging any money, everything is free and original. Use the pro version and impress everyone.

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